Land Records Fees

One of the most important responsibilities of the County Clerk's office is the recording of land records. Recorded instruments date back to 1798. The most common documents recorded are deeds, mortgages, and assignments and mortgage releases. Below is a list of recording requirements for the most common documents.
Note: Add an additional charge of $3.00 for every page over the standard amount of 3 pages.
Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate$15.00 + $1.00 to convert
Affidavit of Descent$13.00
Agreement & Plan of Merger$13.00
Articles & Amended Articles$11.00
Assignment of Mortgage$13.00
Assignment of Rents$17.00
Assignment of Vendor's Lien$13.00
Assumed Name$13.00
Bonds - Property as Surety$28.00
Bond to Release Mechanic Lien$13.00
Certified Copy$5.00 ($.50 per page after 3 pages)
Child Support Lien - In-State$5.00
Child Support Lien - Out-of-State$13.00
Condo - Deed$17.00
Contract - Land$17.00
Declaration of Trust$17.00
Deed of Correction$13.00
Deed of Restrictions$13.00
Easement Release$13.00
Encumbrance Release$13.00
Fixture Filing$29.00
Inheritance Tax Lien$5.00
Inheritance Tax Lien Release$5.00
Judgment Lien$13.00
Land Use Restrictions$16.00
Lease - Real Estate or Equipment$17.00
Limited Partnerships or Partnership Agreement$11.00
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